Clone to image to particles

Hello everybody,

Maybe it’s a stupid question, but i can’t figure it out…

I would like to put spheres cloned to an image into a particle system to make them move.
But if i choose an image emitter i can’t have sphere as particles and if i use clone to image, i can’t put it in a particle system…

Thanks a lot for your help !

Hey there. If I’m understanding, I’d suggest building a particle system using an Image Emitter as your emitter and use a Point Renderer to get started. Once you pipe your video into the Image Emitter you should see point particles being spawned where the image emitter is.

Next create a Clone to Particles node and plug the Particle Root node into the Clone to Particles node. Then make a 3D Shape node the child of the Clone to Particles node. You should then see a few spheres populate onto of your particles. You can delete your Point Renderer now since it was only useful for visualizing your Image Emitter.

Then increase the Num of Clones parameter in the Clone to Particles node. Also, make sure to lower the subdivisions of your 3D Shape node to the lowest number that still looks acceptable or you might start losing some FPS with higher clone counts.

I hope this helps!

If i understand your question correctly this might help you out @achat.
Tick on colour clones in Clone to particles node if you want to preserve the colours of the video source.

cloner particle.dfx (47.1 KB)

Hi guys,

Thanks a lot for your help !
That’s almost that but i need to keep my image/video colors like this example.
Do you have any idea?
lantern_clone_2.dfx (921.4 KB)

Glad to assist,
Did you try to tick on colour clones in Clone to particles node?

I was answering that i found the solution…
Thanks a lot for your help guys and sorry for these basic questions…


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Sure! Happy to help!