Clone to Image 2D

Hey guys! First time caller, long time listener.

It looks like cloning Image 2D nodes doesn’t work – no clones appear. Am I doing something wrong?


Kyle Means
Visional Productions
Atlanta, GA

Hi Kyle,
You can only clone 3D objects, because cloners are themselves 3D - so cloning Image2D nodes doesn’t work. Instead try cloning an Image Plane, it’s more or less the same deal but in 3D space.


Hi Kyle,

Cloning requires geometry. Therefore you need to use Image Plane as opposed to Image 2D.


Makes sense. Thanks, guys!



Is there a way to clone the Image 2D node though? It would be great for 2D animation. For example, say I have my scene all set up but I want to put a mask onto it the whole thing, and then clone that mask. It would be awesome to have the control found in the Cloner node on the Image 2D node. Is it possible?

Nope, as stated above, image 2d lives in 2d space, clones are for 3d geometry. More often than not, what your describing can be done with image planes, worst case in a render to texture.

– Ryan

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