Consistency in Clone to Particles


Is there a way to make your clones spawn in a more consistent way when using the Clone to Particles node? I’m having clones popping in and out of existence and I can’t find any parameters that change this. I’ve tried the max and min age of particles for spawning clones, I’ve tried changing the randomness of the particles life to 0, but it doesn’t help.

I understand that the clones will pop in and out because of particles being born and then dying, but in this particular case I have my emitter off-screen and I’ve set the particle life to a value high enough for each particle to exit my screen before dying.

Is there something I’m mising here?

I think the issue here is the number of clones you’ve set is too out of sync with the number of particles. for me it’s usually finding that magic maximum number of particles you need for the project (max particle count and emission rate) and marry the number of clones to this

Yeah I tried having the exact same amount of particles as clones. The issue remains the same :frowning:

hmmm… it is an issue I’ve tinkered with for time to try and stop this from happening… might be worth sharing the file