Clone to Particles: can't align initial clone rotation no normals. Bug?

Hi, Notch Team.
It looks like I’m having another drama: this time using the Clone to Particles + Mesh Emitter. I’m giving the clones an initial velocity (Mesh Emitter -> Emission Normal Direction Velocity) and making their rotation follow motion direction (Clone to Particles ->Rotation Mode ->Follow motion direction) only to find out that the clones are NOT aligned to source mesh normals at particle birth. All random rotation sliders are zeroed out. Whichever spawn mode I use (Vertices, Edges, Polygons) there seems to be no way to orient the clones properly. Please, see what you can do. The test file and the screenshot attached.
Thank you.


For me this looks like the attached, so - must already be fixed.

Very well. Thanks, Matt. :slight_smile: