Clone Effectors: How to move the clones along the normals of the source mesh?

Hi, guys.
I’ve run into a weird problem: there’s no obvious way to affect the clones by an effector so as to move them along the source mesh normals according to the falloff value (basically, it’s the same as to modulate the Clone Offset From Surface parameter by an effector). Here is what I did:

  1. I cloned a 3d shape onto vertices of another 3d shape.
  2. In the Clone to Mesh Node I set the Rotation Mode as ‘Align to Normals’.
  3. I added a Plain Effector and set its Space parameter to ‘Object’ (according to Manual the effector should then use the cloned object’s transform space (which it seems to completely ignore).

Any ideas how to pull this trick?

Thank you. Example file is attached.

Also fixed now. Many thanks, Notch Team! :slight_smile: