How to affect particles only in a 2D plane


A noob question … I’m trying to affect the movement of a particle system only in a 2D plane, When I use a turbulence with a spring to get all the particles tied, they move in 3D space and I would like to have the particles moving only in the X and Y axis. I’ve tried using the Turbulence scale numbers but I don’t get good results. Any tips?


Make sure to scale your Particle Emitter’s Scale Z transform to 0 and
then scale down the Scale Z transform of the Turbulent Affector to something tiny, but not zero, like 0.001.
This seem to work for me.

Also, instead of scaling the emitter you can always use a Primitive emitter, and the Plane emitter type.

Another workaround would be to use a Primitive Affector, with a Plane to try to attract the particles back to the shape of a plane.

Thanks a lot!! I’ll try all those techniques!