Use a deformer on a single axis

Hey Notchers,

It seems like I can’t find a way to use deformers in a single axis. I want to be able to have the points of my plane to move only in the Y axis, not X and Z like I would do with an effector.

I tried using Curl Noise Deformer Displacement Direction parameter but I can’t make it work as i would’ve like to.

Is there a way to bring those cloner world parameters within my deformer setup ? or am I just missing something ?



You cant do this directly at present, but there is a pretty simple workaround. check out this example file.
DeformerAffectsSingleAxis.dfx (74.7 KB)

Essentially, scale up one axis on the deformer and lower the noise scale.




Hello Ryan,

I had no idea this would work. Thank you !