Image Displacement Node only works in XY?

Hi guys,

I’m using the image displacement mode with fractal noise on a flat grid of particles, but it seems it only appears to work in XY coordinates. The displacement mode does say ‘directional’ but doesn’t allow you to specify which - am I doing something wrong or is it possible to get it to function in XZ?


Same thing happens for me as well.
Except for when I change the “Displacement Colour Mode” to RGB instead of the default Luminance, and I also set the “Blend Mode” to Add. Which is somehow weird.

Then there seems to be some sort of displacement in Z axis, but it still doesn’t look right.
It is pointing in a different direction and not straight up, with no way to control that direction.

I’ve used a star generator instead to illustrate the issue better

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Yeh I’m talking to the dev team about this as it looks like this node has been forgotten a bit. For now, I’d suggest you convert the particles to clones, and then offset the clones there.

– Ryan

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