Combine Geometry and Displacement Map

Hi, I’m trying to use the Displacement Map with the Combine Geometry Node to take a cloner system of shape3Ds (planes, hi poly) and then displace an image once across the entire cloner system, as opposed to displacing each plane identically.

But it doesn’t seem to work with the Displacement Map? The 3D Plasma and a few other Deformers work just fine, so just wondering A) If this is a known issue and/or B) If there is another approach to applying an image as a displacement across the whole cloner system.

The end result is a TV wall with the screens coming out towards the camera, the content only needs to be glitchy/fractal abstract stuff so rather than making unique screen content and bringing it into Notch I’m just using native generators and post FX.

Difficult to say without a dfx to look at, but if I were to guess, it might help to add a mapping node and set it to planar.

Otherwise, its probably easier to use the Image Effector to displace the clones, unless you want to actually deform the geometry.

– Ryan

Mapping Node already in play…

No I’m looking to displace the geometry but would ideally also be using the cloner system for flexibitility - DFX attached… ProtrudingScreens_v01.dfx (110.2 KB)

Okay, you were pretty close just a couple fixes to make.

  1. The normals on the plane you re displacing look a bit off, so I would either enable Flip Polygons, or set the backface cull mode to double sides - comes down to personal preference.
  2. Set the displacement direction for both the Displacement map node and the displacement deformer to planar, not normal.
  3. (optional) either set the displacement amount to negative, or rotate the deformer 180 decrees so the displacement is outward and not inward.

– Ryan

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