Particle collisions on displacement mapped plane

Hey everyone, I’m looking for a way to create particle collisions on a rocky floor that I created using a plane and a displacement map. It’s almost like the plane displacement is completely ignored by the collision detection, and all collisions simply occur on the surface of the flat plane pre-displacement. Unfortunately the best I can do at the moment is apply a collision affector between the particles and the plane, and increase the point collision radius so that the particles collide with the plane at the average height of displacement. It works…kind of… but unfortunately there are still some particles that go straight through higher displaced points on the plane and some particles that collide before reaching lower displaced points on the plane. The issue may be compounded by the fact that I’m cloning a rock 3d obj to the particles, so the 3d object clones are actually what should be colliding with the floor. Any ideas?

Hey There,

seems like that should work!

Do you have a screen shots of the project or the nodgraph or even the dfx so I could take a closer look? :eyes:


Harrison :slight_smile: