Kinect mesh with particles

Hello, I am a beginner trying to learn notch. I’ve been trying to get my head around using my Kinect v2 and particle manipulation. What I am trying to achieve is similar to 007 particle video, around 28:00 were he uses the collision effector and a 3d object to interact with the particles. I want to be able to use my kinect input to “catch” the particles (sort of like snowfall) but I’m unsure of what nodes to use and where to place them? Below is a screenshot of my node setup

Any help would be much appreciated

Hey There,

Catching particles might be tricky - Particles have a tendency to jump through small gaps in geometry and Kinect meshes tend to to be too erratic for that.

I would suggest a setup more like this:

DepthImageCollisionsExample.dfx (11.2 KB)

Using the depth image from the kinect mesh to displace a plane gives much better results for collisions, and you can alter the depth image with postfx to clean up some of the noise.

There’s tonnes of other ways too, but this would be where I would start from.