Procedural Kinect

Hey Notch users!

I’m just wondering if someone try to connect Kinect mesh to 3D object node in Procedural System?
I try it in very few way but there is no results at all…

Fields can treat Kinect Mesh node as 3D object emitter so why Procedurals don’t act for them at all?

Thanks for help! :slight_smile:

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I just gave this a shot and I was not able to get it working. The 3D Object nodes usually only work for actual 3D objects and not generated geometry inside of Notch. So you can’t connect Shape 3D’s or Cloners to it and get a result. Also, the Procedural nodes are currently in development and there will be weirdness.

Did you really get the Kinect Mesh node to work with a 3D Object Emitter for Fields? I just tried this with my Kinect V1 and it didn’t work.

Yeah now I know that - thanks! :slight_smile:

I was just wondering if it can works as it works for other types of 3D objects and meshes nodes.
Maybe in the future they will develop something to make it work, the effects can be stunting ( at least this ones I imagine in my head :smiley:

Yeah I did it! It’s not that hard. If you want I can send you my project file so you can check it out :slight_smile:

I include quick screen shoot of my project :slight_smile:

Hi Dawid,
Can you send me your project file? I tried to connect kinect with 3d objects emittter for fields but it doesnt work. Jestem w tym nowy, więc chłonę wszystko powoli. Pozdrawiam

There you go man!

Some unnecessary things inside but the basic build up is obvious :slight_smile:

Thanks, appreciate it.

Sure thing!

If you have any question feel free to ask! :slight_smile:

Hi Dawid. I have a question. Have you ever used a skeleton node? I would like to interact with the 3d object using Kinect . In my opinion Blob Tracking (which i tried) isnt good enough and now i would like to test Skeleton but i can`t turn it on./ Kinect v1

Sorry mate but nope :frowning:
Try to ask on Facebook forum - In my view it’s more popular then this one here

Hey, do you have another version of this file? It wont open because it says it was built in trial or PLE.

Hey man do you reckon you could send me this?

Hey Samuel, if you are also seeking to get the Kinect Mesh renderered procedurally, I had success rendering the particles as primitives by rendering the kinect mesh with a point renderer and then attaching a particles as primitives node to my procedural meshing node. Just attatch the particle node to the particles as primitives node and parent that to a procedural meshing node