IK chain, bone, kineckt etc. Has anybody try it?

I try for a while this types of nodes, I read manual but the movements and deformation of bones are very strange for me and I don’t really know if I connect them well.
Can anyone show me the working example ? (dancing robots have recorded movements i suppose ?)
My target is use kineckt mesh for face deformation and movements of body parts by external sensors, is there anybody do this before? Notch team is this features are ready to use??

Hey There,

Attached is an example for using the bones nodes.

As for using external sensors to drive body parts, this should be doable depending on the set-up you go with.
We don’t support Kinect 2 skeletons, so you will not be able to use that skeleton to drive the body parts.



[EDIT] as of 0.9.22 (I think) we added support for kinect 2 skeletons through a new Kinect 2 Skeleton node. You can read more about it here :

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