Fire simulation using Kinect mesh data as a source

I am trying to make a fire simulation similar to the one in the Getting to know your field stream. Instead of a Primitive Emitter, I am trying to use 3D Object Emitter with a pre-recorded .kinect file as a source. The .kinect data was recorded with Kinect Azure. The problem is when I set Density Field Mode to Densities and Temperatures the simulations stuck on the surface of the mesh. I get the same result when I use a Shape 3D node instead of the Kinect as a source object.

Could anyone point me out what am I missing in order to get this work?

Thank you for your help.

Hello David,

All looks correct at the first glance, but it is hard to judge from the still, it would be great to get the DFX file to see your settings, please upload it here or send it to for further inspection.


Thank you reply, my question was answered on the facebook page. Animate SDF was not turned on.

Bonjour Messieurs,
So sorry for my approximative english but i have the exact same problem and i can’t find any “Animate SDF” to turn On in the Nodes you have used, could you explain me ?

Hello Benjamin,

Please upload your DFX file here or to support and we will check and advice.