Consistent Kinect Mesh for Clone to Mesh

Hello, I’m having trouble getting a clean enough kinect mesh to use the clone to mesh feature in an edit I made to the sticky balls sample. I’d love to have a human form with the balls sticking to it, but it seems the clone to mesh node is only detecting a piece of the kinect mesh, rather than cloning evenly across the whole mesh. I’m wondering if there’s some way to convert the kinect mesh to a procedural, or some other method that will make it more consistent and easy to clone to?

If you could upload a dfx, I would maybe be able to make better suggestion - but on the surface, I would say the kinect isn’t the best mesh source for the clone to mesh. constantly varying topology makes consistency difficult to achieve, so you’ll need to make a few adjustments to try and keep it consistent - likely setting it to spread over UV map, or only generate on vertices, etc.

Alternatively, using a shape 3D and displacing its surface could be a much easier way to get a consistent mesh surface. it would be a similar path to go into procedurals, but its probably not worth overcomplicating things if you dont have to :slight_smile:

– Ryan