Mapping video to geometry

Hi Everyone, new to the forums and Notch.

Does anyone know how to map video to geometry, essentially using video as a texture map? I see no option for anything but solid color on any of the geometry objects, other than the Image 3d node.

Thanks in Advance!

You could make a 3D plane with a Shape 3D node and plug a Material node into that. Then plug your video into the displacement map input of the Material node and increase the Displacement value. The plane will then deform based on the luminosity of the incoming video. You’ll likely want to turn up the subdivisions of the Shape 3D.

You could also do Clone to Image, make a Procedural system with an image as the generator, etc.

I hope that helps!

In order to use a Video as a Texture, to map onto a 3D object, you need to plug the Video node into the “Colour Texture” of your material. This by default uses the UV mapping of your 3D Object, if it has any. Otherwise you can use a seperate Mapping node and choose what type of mapping you prefer, planar, cubic, spherical, etc

Something like this: