How to Generate Geometry from fractal 2D image animation

Trying to generate 3D geo (splines, particles cloners, trails) from this 2D fractal animation using a jpg in the UV Remap Image setup. Thanks in Advance!

There are multiple workflows you can follow in order to generate geometry from a 2D Image.

One would be to plug this Fractal Noise into a Displacement deformer which could deforming a Shape 3D Plane/Box with increased Subdivisions.
You could also use this Fractal Noise an a Normal map, to add further detail.

Another option, would be to use a Procedural, and use the Fractal Noise map with an Image node.

Or, you could even use a Clone to Image with a very high number of clones, like Shape 3D spheres, which would give the “illusion” of a mesh object if the cloned spheres are high enough in number and size.

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Thanks for the suggestions! I realized it was a loaded question. I was trying the procedural root method but no luck. Will revisit.


I used the Displcement and I got the image to generate the GEO by piping it into the texture image but its not following the fractal noise animation it created. Its being driven by the displacement. Trying to drive the displacement with the fractal noise animation from my 2D texture. The below is not corrrect obviously but this is where I am right now.

Also, Fractal Noise can go directly in the Displacement Map deformer, no need to use an Image 2D in between.

Yes but then how do I bring in the animation I create using my own texture animated by fractal noise. I’m trying to… I guess Advect some Geo using my animated ORIGINaL Fractal noise pattern as the modifier/deformer.