Pixellate Node update

Would be really useful if the Pixellate Node could have a manual number of pixels in each axis, rather than (or as well as) the resolution slider, like the Mosaic effect in After Effects.

Especially useful for some UV workflows with virtual lighting fixtures.

also - is there a way to ‘tile’ an image as a post effect?

Not the Tile Sheet Generator, where you have to manually input each image to appear in the end result, something that does the equivalent of changing the U and V scale properties via mapping node.

I want to ‘tile’ a generator before taking into a composite source and then to a material, which goes to a UV’d mesh so I cannot be messing about with the mapping properties at the material level.

I just want to repeat the source (rounded square gradient in this case) independently of anything else in the chain and can’t see anything in the Post FX menu to do it. Note: the Gradient’s scale properties only scale down a single instance of the gradient, there’s no repeat.

Hey Jamie,

I’ve gone and added a feature request for seperate resolution sliders for the Pixellate PostFX.

Regarding tiling an image, have you used the Transform PostFX, with the wrap mode on x/y set to repeat, and then scaling it down?

Something like this:

Hope this helps!

Ah that’s great thank you for the feature request

And the tip! Hadn’t even noticed the transform node had that checkbook, and I use that node often enough. Cheers!