Image Affector & Pixel Interpolation

Hey Guys,

I have a 100x100 grid of clone created with a “Clone to Image” node and I want to offset the Y position of every even-numbered columns.

I tried using the “Image Affector” with a ‘Tile’. The first column of pixel would be black, so no offset, the second column would be white so it would move the position in Y, the third column would be black…and so on.

The problem is that it looks like there’s some sort of pixel interpolation between each column created by the “Tile” and even with a threshold I can’t target the specifics columns I want to offset.

Any idea on how I could to that?

I also created a grid with the “Cloner” and played with the Grid Stagger to position my grid, but I couldn’t figure how to use the “Image affector” on that grid.

(I couldn’t upload the project file so here’s a link )


I found out what my problem was with using the “Cloner” to make a grid and then using the “Image Affector”, but I’m still wondering why this technique doesn’t work.