Particle-force-affector not inheriting parents position

Bug_ParticleForceAffector_TransformInheritance.dfx (6.8 KB)

Hey guys,

can you take a look at this? When I set the particle-force-affector as child of the emitter it doesn’t reflect it’s parents position. As a comparison I also attached a velocity-affector and this one behaves as expected. Am I missing something?

Thanks and best,

You need to increase the Radius attribute of the Force Affector, to something like 100.

okay, but that’s just a workaround right?

Yes, a quick workaround.

On close inspection though, I noticed that the problem occurs only with keyframes that have Stepped Interpolation.
Change your keyframes’ interpolation to a Linear/Bezier 2D/etc, and it works as normal.

doesn’t work on my end, I’m sorry.
Changed the interpolation to linear but the problem persists…also with other interpolations. Did you check it on the clean file I sent you?
As soon as I move the affector (though it is a child of the emitter and its position should be zero) the same amount I moved its parent away from the scene origin ( so the emitter is now at z -10 and the effector is at z-10) it is working again. To me that looks like a proof that internally the position-inheritance is malfunctioning in this node… sorry for the clumsy description - hope it is understandable.

What if you connect the Primitive Emitter into the “Transform Node” of the Force Affector?
It is working on me on the file you linked.

Aha! That is working indeed. So is this the intended way to tell the Force-Affector it’s position?
Because with all the other nodes I don’t need to do that.
But anyway: thanks for your support segmoria!

In case anybody is interested in the file that contains the fix:

Bug_ParticleForceAffector_TransformInheritance_FIX.dfx (13.1 KB)