UV Remapping in Image 2D, Pixelated result when using gradients. Is this a colour bitrate thing?

Hey Captains,
Was playing around with the UV Remap input on Image 2D and I keep getting a super pixelated result, even when using 2 Gradient nodes in a composite to generate the RG gradient inside Notch.

Is this a colour bitrate issue I’m running into or am I missing something super obvious?

I’ve attached an image, and the .dfx.

Signal Flow:
Gradient set to Linear X, channel boolean remapping Luminance to Red, Into Composite node, another gradient set Linear Y with green into input 2.
Video Null
Into UV Remap Image node of an IMAGE 2D

have also included a clean feed Image 2D direct from the source that wipes on and off to show the difference.

Tried using a Decompress UV animation node but that results in some strange horizontal lines.

Any help appreciated. Thanks


UV Slices.dfx (3.9 MB)

This issue was handled directly in support - but the problem is actually quite straight forward. The gradients generate using a 32bit range, but the composite sources node has its own 8 bit range, hence the pixellated look. We’ll fix this up in future, but for now there is an easy fix - use a composite image node instead.

– Ryan