Temporal Antialiasing Jitter


I’m experiencing an issue with the Temporal Antialiasing Node. Im using with a PLE license. I’m using the 03_CHAPTER_Particle_Systems file from the Intermediate course and seeing this on layers 3 and 4, Particle physics start and finish

When the node is connected to the root the scene is slightly blurry as I would expect with no jitter.

When the node is disconnected or disabled the scene is sharper but there is no jitter. https://vimeo.com/427536196

When the node is connected and the active property is set to 0 the scene is sharp but experiences jitter. https://vimeo.com/427536157

Am I right in expecting the disconnected and active set to 0 to have the same effect?

Hey there,

It looks like the active property in temporal AA doesn’t apply to the camera jitter of Temporal AA, I’ll let the dev team know.

For now, Just use an execute child node between the scene and the temporal AA, and use that to turn it on and off.



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