Glitchy results in Glass Refraction render test


Just doing some R+D for a job and the test render has very jumpy reflection/refractions in it. Could anyone tell me why? Perhaps it’s just a matter of more refinements?

DFX and image/mesh

Render test

Note - Use Scene Refinement/AA settings is switched on.

Edit: As a bonus if you download the materials you get a nice diamond 3D mesh and a really nice HDRI wahoo

The issue here is the Temporal AA - that node works by essentially jittering the camera per frame and averaging the values. To make sure the scene isn’t a jittery mess, motion vectors are used to calculate where to jitter more and less, but with RT Glass, the refracted edges won’t come up in the motion vectors, so you can get jitter. In this case, I would either use FSAA (if your rendering the scene anyway), or use FXAA to smooth out the edges.

Also, that diamond mesh is very nice :slight_smile: UVs and bevels!

– Ryan

Thanks for that Ryan!