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Recently I’ve been playing around with some custom materials to use in Notch, but I’m having some issues with this. The problem is that my material becomes super jittery (in lack of a better word) when I move my camera. It appears more on the bright spots in my material, and becomes even more noticable when using an ambient occlusion map.

I realise this might not be a problem inside of Notch, but I’m hoping someone on here might know where this problem comes from. It looks fine in Substance Designer where I created the material.

Link to a video and DFX here:
Drive Folder

It is possible to get around this with temporal anti-aliasing, but that adds a look on the rest of my scene that I dont want. Very interested in how to get around this :upside_down_face:

This looks like its an aliasing issue, basically the texture has loads of fine detail in it and so when you move the camera the details fade in and out.

Temporal AA would solve the issue because it smooths out the details per pixel for a more stable result. the reason it affects the particles so much is because they too show a lot of aliasing issues, so what you’re asking for is basically to AA one part of the scene but not the other.

Fortunately, you can do this with a render layer. Add a render layer and connect the clone to particles to it, then add temporal AA to the root. Lastly, lighting in the render layer is somewhat independent of that of the whole scene, so add a screen space ambient occlusion node to the render layer too.

– Ryan

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I also found that you can balance this out with the MIP levels on my material, so that the ratio of pixels in my material more closely match the number of pixels in my viewport

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