Cloner objects jitter during camera moves

I’m getting some strange jittery motion on alembic’s and 3d shapes in cloners. The jitter only appears during camera moves when objects are fairly close to camera and only on some of the clones, most all animate smoothly.

It basically looks like the cloner objects position vibrates at certain moments when viewed through the animated camera.

Has anyone else run into this issue?


I think I may have found the issue.

I was keyframing my cameras using Bezier 2d handles to get more control on ease in and outs. When I change back to TCB the cloner objects don’t jitter. So I guess some type of interpolation issue/fps . I’m a little unclear on what TCB is all about so cant really say if this is a bug or just my limited knowledge on the subject.

Do I need to adjust some type of timeline property when using Bezier keyed curves?

Hey Emmett,

Don’t be afraid to drop us a .dfx either here or as a support ticket so we can see what you’re seeing!

Thanks, good idea! I’m still having a few of the above issues, will open a support ticket.

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