Horrible Jittering Besier 2d

I have a problem. It doesn’t seem like it existed before, but maybe I’m wrong.
I use envelope modifyer for camera animation. Simple setup. But if i use Bezier 2d for easy start-stop i have horrible jittering between frames. This problem does not exist if i use Besier 1d!
Where to find a solution?
Test project:

That’s really weird. I tried recreating your scene in a fresh project and I don’t get this jittering at all, but I get it when I open the file you provided.

I think you maybe should send a mail to support with this

Hey Joziks,

Did you consider using a smooth envelope? the value may just be too large within the timeframe to create a smooth result.
Also, consider messaging us at support in the future!

I’ve attached a .dfx for you.
joziks.dfx (6.6 KB)

Thank you Jack!
I tried “smooth envelope” but it doesn’t give me the same flexibility to customize the animation and most importantly, if the scene is long, I need to start it from the beginning every time. I can’t jump on the timeline freely.
those. Could the problem be with the big scale of the scene? If it does not go beyond certain values, will the problem disappear?

Hi Joziks,

It appears that the problem stems from the fact the tangent on your first keyframe has been stretched out to nearly 36 seconds in the timeline. See here:

If you move it back closer to the origin of the keyframe then it doesn’t jitter as much.

Does that help at all?


I understand it.
If you look at my project.
Both curves are very similar. Using Besier 1d and 2d.
With 2d you will get jitter. Besier 1d is ok, but it has limitations. The handle(tangent) controls the shape of the curve; how much you stretch handle should not affect the smoothness of playback. This is how it works in any software that uses besier curves.

Hi Joziks,

We’ve got to the bottom of this now.

Can you please open a new support issue via Notch - Manage then we can discuss the possibility of getting a fix in your hands based on your project deadlines and priorities.