Feature request: beat pulse modifier

Would it be possible to develop the beat pulse modifier so that we can hand draw the curve, instead of a scrolling UI with attack and delay values, a static one that displays one full loop and options to modifiy the spline across it?

I know the trigger envelope modifier can create looping custom animations but it’s not linked to any BPM control, it would be really handy for us VJs…

An addition of a step sequencer UI would be really useful for rapidly building more complex animation patterns too!

Hey Jamie,

I don’t think this would make sense with the BPM node itself, but we are looking at adding a new node which could be used to solve this problem in the next release.

In the mean time, there is a trick you could use with the “Keyframe Remap” Bin. Add a math modifier set to saw and Key between 0-1 on the null a custom curve. the output from the keyframe remap is basically a bpm at 60, so just change the speed until its as fast or slow as you like.CustomCurveBPM.dfx (6.5 KB)



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Okay, thanks for your help and quick response much appreciated.

The workaround is useful and look forward to the next release!

An interesting discovery made today that I thought I’d share to anyone else interested in building VJ shows using Notch and Resolume…

Subpixels have a cheap FFGL plugin for resolume that is basically an empty effect with a bunch of empty sliders and booles etc. - you can create as many versions of the effect and delete/edit the controls the way you want - then use OSC to link them to controls in Notch.

You can then use the Resolume envelope functions to animate properties in Notch in a way that is much more intuitive for a lot of VJs, building patterns around dance music structures.

You can also MIDI map all those custom resolume sliders

Have it working a treat with a camera and follow spline rig where by MIDI triggers jump to points along the spline will other controls deal with jitters and wobbles and focus and zoom. Great fun!

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Just wanted to quickly revisit this and ask if there may be an option for a linear curve in the beat pulse modifier?

It has potential to be an incredibly useful modifier but I’m struggling with the easing on the speed curve, I know there is the workaround you mentioned before but it isn’t intuitive for getting the correct bpm, it just needs to be bang on…

That sounds pretty doable with a continuous modifier and an expression node, just connect the continuous modifier to the expression modifier and set the expression to Value0 % 1.

As for just wider controls for the BPM node, I can see the uses cases its just not a priority at present, and I can see a lot of what that node can do being doable in other nodes with far greater controls.

– Ryan