Beat Pulse Modifier and Math Modifier problems, Timer Modifier?

I have been trying to use the Beat Pulse Modifier and Math Modifier for live performances but there are two major problems preventing these modifiers from being used without a timeline. The first is that there is no way to properly reset these modifiers to get them to sync with music in real time. Also changing the speed/bpm of these modifiers causes them to behave erratically instead of smooth. Both of these issues make it impossible for Notch to be properly synced with audio during live performance and they need to be addressed.

Turning the speed/bpm down extremely low and using the continuous modifier solves the speed issue (but makes it to difficult to dial in bpm), but the continuous modifier still does not have any way to reset.
These Modifiers need a reset time trigger input and a smooth speed change.

In dealing with other similar issues, I think a great addition would be a Timer modifier with play, pause, reset, forward play, backward play, looping, random, etc…
Also a Counting Modifier would be extremely nice especially with a built in modulo option.
These would play really nicely with the other modifiers available and provide functionality thats really needed.

Count me in. I really need to reset the Continuous Modifier.

Yeah there is literally no workaround for this unless you write a max msp patch to send in values with OSC.

I added a reset input to Continuous, Math and Beat modifiers for 0.9.19. Setting the Reset value to 1 will reset the timer of the modifier to 0. Only on Running/Looping time mode. They will also respond smoothly to speed changes on Running/Looping mode only.

There is also an Accumulator modifier (which would be the “Counting modifier” you mention).

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That is awesome! I can’t wait to get my hands on 0.9.19!

Is there way to get tap tempo to Beat Pulse Modifier?

Not as of now, but if you really need it you could probably write a script for a java node or use Max MSP with or without Ableton to send over the bpm to Notch with OSC.

it is very simple way, problem is when You try to tap new tempo model jumps very fast until You do second tap. I try do with java script some filter but it’s spent to much time on it. :wink: But I think ther is a way :slight_smile: