Math Modifier speed change needs to be smooth

When changing the speed on the math modifier, it sends out all kinds of random values because of the way it scrolls through the waveform as it scales it. The way this should behave is just like an LFO, being able to smoothly increase the speed in real time. I have been getting around this by cranking the speed down extremely low (but not 0) and then using a continuous modifier to increase the time offset. The speed will then be able to move smoothly, but this is something that should be built in to the math modifier.

Hey Spencer,

Thanks for the feedback - we’ll look into it.



I’ve encounted the same problem and found a way around - plug in a Continuous Modifier to “Time Offset” input in Math Modifier with opposite value (if Math Modifier’s speed == 1, then set Contiuous Modifier speed to -1). It should keep Math Modifier value in one place. You can expand this by Combining previously plugged Continuous Modifier with another Continuous Modifier - use the second one to set your desired Math Modifier’s speed in a smooth way.

Attached project file and screenshot.



The Math Modifier will change smoothly as of 0.9.19, if you use the “Running/Looping” time mode.