Sound Modifier weirdness

I feel like I must have missed something obvious, but I’m having a weird issue with a Sound Modifier. I see the white value line bouncing around to my capture sound input, but there is no value change outputted from the node unless I’m actively scrolling the Properties panel slider (I mean the UI component). If I slide the panel up and down it works - and as soon as I stop sliding it around it stops. Same thing if I play back sound from a wav etc. Any thoughts?

Hi, Daniel.

Yes. That’s a weird problem because I can reproduce this bug in Notch Trial only. In Notch PLE the Sound modifier works just fine. Just in case… Check you audio settings: Go to Devices --> Audio Devices and check if your audio card is selected in there (also try ticking the “Use ASIO…” box). It doesn’t help me, but who knows if it works for you. :wink: