Stop sound reaction and smooth down

Hi ! Hope you are well ! I try here, maybe you will able to help me. I am dealing with a simple set-up : I would like to have parameters reacting to music (here the luminosity of 1 EXR image), via sound modifier, but be able to go down to zero when i don’t apply the sound modifier, with a smooth. I don’t know how to set up it… I tried to plug a smooth modifier, the triggerable,… but nothing works because it is always listening the music node.
Right now if I cut the sound modifier on the timeline, it creates a cut (logically), but how to smooth it ?

To resume what I try to do : when there is sound node on your parameter,you react, when not, take the last value you had and go to zero. Is it possible ?

If I’m understanding your question correctly…You can try an envelope node attached to blend parameter of the sound modifier to give you a handle to turn on and off the sound modifier. And change the sound modifier from add to multiply to get it to zero out the parameter when the envelope is at zero. As far as smoothing out the animation created by the sound modifier I get the best results by playing around with the attack, decay and threshold parameters till it behaves the way I want

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Thank you so much, I will try your solution. It’s to recreate something i’ve done with smode, with was possible but not easy to manage, I wanted to try it with Notch. Here the WIP video, it’s variations of EXR luminosity. Basically it works like that : on a timeline I have keyframes and when I want I can tell to the sound reactivity : “stop listening music” and the luminosity goes to zero, with a smooth. It’s not easy to explain, the video will speaks better than me :wink:

Sorry to come back but when I change the enveloppe, the blend mode change the way the sound modifier reacts, but it doesn’t force the the parameter to go zero. I choose multiply on the sound modifier and tried every mode on the enveloppe modifier…

Solved… The value of the brightness was not equal to 0 ! And it works with the operation on “replace” and not on multiply. Thanks for the help, it’s not what I really wanted to achieve but it will do the job :wink:

That’s not really how you use the envelope modifier though. You take the input of the sound modifier and feed it through the envelope modifier. The latter needs data to apply an envelope to. I would strongly recommend you check out our free Notch Essentials course and pick up the basics on how to use modifiers in Notch as it will help you learn these things in a quicker and more efficient way.

Depending on what you want to achieve (I’m still not 100% clear on that), you can also look at the smooth envelope and triggerable envelope modifiers:

If you want to have the sound modifier stop reacting to audio, you can probably also solve it partially by using the built-in threshold control.

Thank you for your answer ! I’ve watched the free course and started the intermediate one, but it takes time to perfectly understand the nodes order (even if it seems “simple”). I will try what you said, playing with the threshold. The main purpose was to force a parameter to slowly go to zero when I want. Imagine a midi controller with luminosity parameters, when I want I can toggle “reacting to audio” (that’s the easy part) but when I push the same button I want that parameter takes the last value of audio reaction and goes slowly to zero (and not turns to zero immediately because you stop audio reaction).