Controll sound by keyboard

I have a Play sound and need open/stop by use Keyboard modifier. But I can’t find how to control, there is no Start/Stop button or anything else like this. Can you give me some advise?

well, if i’m not mistaken, the keyboard modifier is a modifier and not, for example, like the ‘extractor’ which would extract a keyboard press and then output to another node.

the keyboard modifier will take a keyboard press and then, like other modifiers, just add, subtract, multiply or replace the given value of its output node.
if you do try to connect the keyboard modifier to an extractor node, you will only be able to choose the options of the keyboard modifier including scale, attack, decay, blend.

to start and stop a play sound node, you can just use space bar to stop the playhead. if you want, instead, to keep the scene running and disable sound, just use ctrl+1 to disable the node.

Yes. But my situation is: the sound will on after hit Spacebar, but I need it play on 8th minute example; and I just need play one time but the sound still loop without check Loop or not.

I’d imagine there would be another way to do this, but what you can do is just keyframe an envelope modifier connected to the volume control of the play sound node.

Ok, I will search more, thank for your help :smiley: