Play effect sound

I’m working on an installation and the plan is to have two MIDI controllers to send commands to Notch. These commands should affect effects and play sounds.

It seems to me that currently I cannot just Play sounds on demand in Notch. My first idea was to use PlaySound-nodes control them via Execute Child Nodes. But PlaySound-node always loops the sound. (posted a bug about it)

For installation purposes it would be great if we had a SoundEffect-node (or something) that could be controlled in simple manner. Like, in my case, I would like it to create a new sound each time I give a play command, play that through and die eventually. So that I could play the same sound multiple times on top of each other and obviously I would like to stick this SoundEffect-node to SoundModifier.

Next I’ll try to use external app to play the sounds and capture the audio data from Stereo Mix. Hopefully that will get the job done. Ideal scenario would be where there’s only Notch application running on computer.

Hi Simo,
Notch has not yet a sound engine do do things like that.
But you can use a tool like “ableton live” with notch. Ableton can send osc command to notch.
Ableton will manage the sound via midi and send the osc command at the same time.



Thanks for the tips. I ended up handling the sound in browser via WebAudio (which is really good with Dynamic Compressor and all that jazz) and using loopMidi to create virtual midi ports to pass midi messages to Notch. Works pretty well.

Though this way the audio reactivity is only for the global sound and Stereo Mix isn’t the most accurate. Doesn’t matter that much in this case, but it would be great to have a sound engine in the future. I feel that especially installations would benefit greatly.