Notch with generative audio

Hello! Sound designer here, I have no Notch experience (yet)

Does anyone have experience driving procedural audio from Notch or an established method to broadcast existing custom variables\parameters from notch out to MAX MSP, Ableton Live, or another tool? I am not looking to create procedural graphics from the audio as would be typical, but instead the opposite, much like how a gaming engine might drive audio middleware like Wwise or Fmod.

Thank you!

Hey there,
there’s a few different ways for you to pipe generative audio through Notch.

you could use touch designer as a middle man and connect to tdableton. If you ran a Notch Block through TD Pro, you’d be able to use any perameters you expose in Notch.

Directly from us, you’d use OSC/MIDI and any exposed perameters with a standalone .exe.

Plus, Brett Bolton has a talk from NotchCon in 2019:

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We have used the “Livegrapper” Max for Live plugin a lot in the past to get OSC communication with Ableton (midi only):