Can I do this with Notch? (Live audio and geometry)

Hi! Before I decide to get deep into Notch, I’ve watched a couple of things that really blowed my mind, and I want to know if this is the right software or not, these two videos:

Specially in the second video, you see that the geometry can be altered using live audio input.

Can I achieve this live interaction between live audio and geometry with Notch and a normal laptop (like Ryzen 9 and RTX 3070)?

Thanks !

Top Video is definitely Notch, that’s one of our old release videos :slight_smile:

Second one I can’t say with absolute certainty, but I’d be very surprised if it wasn’t Notch. I actually did a similar thing back years ago using stacked clones, super easy effect to make.

In short - Cloner systems are the place to look :slight_smile: Armin made this great video on the topic, that should get you in the right direction.

– Ryan

Hola Ryan

Thanks a lot for your feedback. I know the first video is from you :wink: …but the sample image that I am interested in, lasts only three seconds in your video, and it’s very similar to the other video …

Very interesting everything I saw in the link you posted about the Cloner systems, but still I’m not sure how it would work to do these low poly geometries, and my brain is going to explode since I am testing at the same time four different softwares to figure out how to achieve this effect.

I need to be sure this can be done before starting to learn something new

Thanks a lot once more

I’ve taken a quick stab at it with a cloner node - have a go at dissecting this.

What makes the above effect impressive is the use of lighting, post-fx and materials, but the cloner system itself is super easy to put together.

ClonerExample.dfx (93.0 KB)

– Ryan

Thanks a lot Ryan! I will give it a try :slight_smile: