Is there a way to use exact sample values out of a sound file? (in Sound Modifier)


as the title, I want to use a sound waveform as is.

for example, If I have a sound file that is a recording of a 1hz sine wave, I found that I am never able to use the sine wave as is in Sound Modifier. Sound Modifier always modifies the shape in some way.

Is there a trick to achieve what I want? I also cannot find any other node that can do this.

If not, I strongly hope Notch team to add a checkbox option to use a waveform without any modification. Something like, if the current value of a sine wave is -0.511, the output is -0.511, if it is 0.756, then the output is also 0.756.

I am sure that It would be really useful for many electronic music or sound based artists

I’m not exactly sure I understand what your question is. Are you asking to have the waveform in the analyzer be available as a graphic? If so, that’s not very likely, as it’s incredibly inflexible. getting the data from a sound file is exactly what the sound modifier does, except it gives you finished, analyzed data that you can then use to drive animation.

The sound modifier spits out data you can use to drive those animations, for example using cloners. Kevin Zhu has a great tutorial on it: