Real Waveform via FFT or other means?

Howdy, everybody.

It’s pretty easy to get the basic FFT effects working, but I’m having trouble getting waveform output that looks and moves like a proper waveform.

I’ve found the Waveform option in the FFT stuff, but when I select it, it doesn’t look much different to me than the EQ bands option. Turning down the spikiness seems to be a key to getting a view of the waveform, but when I turn it down all the way for that, the FFT just stops animating and shows me what COULD be a waveform, but if so, I couldn’t tell you where it’s coming from in the audio stream.

I’m doin’ somethin’ wrong, any suggestions on what I’m missing?

The FFT generator doesn’t really do this, but I have gotten it work before with some additional post fx and deformers! WaveformGenerator.dfx (6.2 KB)

In a pinch, I can just convert the waveform to a CSV and do it that way, but since Notch is a demoengine, I figured it really ought to be able to output the waveform without using a workaround since that’s a pretty common and basic demoscene effect.

Notch is not a demo engine, despite many demos having been made with it. It is so much, much more. :slight_smile:

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