4/4 Patterns Animation Rig

I’ve put this together on a project which needed some animation in a static scene, I built a few sequences of on/off patterns for some of the lights and realised I had something pretty useful for any 4/4 based animation, so hopefully others will find this usefull too.

The two main controls are a Beat Pulse Modifier master node and a Select Child Node, the BP Mod sends BPM, Attack, Decay and Scale into 4 other Beat Pulse Modifiers per Group (child of the Select Child Node), each group’s BP Mods are then set to different Beat Offset values, sent out into a Cube’s emission for visual reference. The Scale here is for a Global On/Off which was useful for my project so I left it in there.

So the idea is you can set BPM, Attack and Decay at the top level, and then switch patterns. I’ve only put 4 patterns in there but it can be expanded easily enough.

Personally I think I’ve landed on something that I’m going to use again and again which is why I’ve decided to share it, let me know your thoughts and if you develop it!

note: The ‘Extract : BPM’ Node in the group ‘ALL ON’ has a scale of 2 to make the pattern fit the general pace of the others BPM Rig.dfx (33.7 KB)