Wishlist: Animatable Random Effector Seed

I’m currently messing with a beat modifier, 4 random effectors and delays in order to get a beat sync’d random effector changes, this could all be done with an animatable random seed, but it seems to not allow you to hook it up, be nice if it did!

You can make a random seed generator by plugging your Beat Pulse Modifier into an Accumlator and then the Accumlator into a Math Modifier. Set the Math Modifier to random noise and the Speed to 0. The Accumlator should be plugged into the Time Offset of the Math Modifier. Then lower the Scale of the Accumlator to a very very low number. Now as your Beat Pulse or Sound Modifier plays, a number will accumulate that pushes the random value of the Math Modifier forward giving you a random number each time. If you want the random number to be an integer or rounded in any other way, then plug your Math Modifier into a Quantise Modifer.

I hope that helps!

The random effectors seed can’t be linked to though, unless thats changed in the last update?

@info1 - I see, your referring to the Cloner random effector. Could you just rotate each random effector or something similar?