Random synchronize

Hi, I have three servers on Touchdesigner, where have been running notch block. All servers have quadro a6000, work with genlock. Program synchronize too. One of them master server which control particles on other. It’s all work fine. When I want to use clone to particles and set there any random factors, at that moment problems come. It doesn’t synchronize.
May be you have the answer to solve this problem?

If you want to make sure particle systems behave the same way across different servers then you’re going to run into trouble, yeah. Depending on the complexity of your system, and the rest of your setup, you might be able to get away with making sure you’ve enabled determinism in the Particle Root: https://manual.notch.one/0.9.23/en/topic/nodes-particles-particle-root

Yeah, I know, It was the first thing in my checklist. I set up particle system and all work fine. After I try to clone to particle. If that node doesn’t use random preference( in zero), all work fine too. But If only I use any random prefernce, It doesn’t work synchronize. The same thing If I use random effector. And here the point. I don’t understand principle of that random, because if I synchronize to machines and run the same random script, they show the same random number at the same time.

It’s currently not possible to render randomly generated particles across multiple machines deterministically, sorry. It will be possible in a future version of Notch though.