Resolume to Notch OSC controls Natively in Arena 7.04 using Compiled Wire patch

Hey Captains,

Was playing with the new Resolume Wire program the other week, and exported a native Resolume effect for sending BPM, Resync BPM, Speed, 4x colours, and 4x parameters over OSC into a Notch Bin.

Here’s a video explaining it, and the files are linked in the video description:

I use Notch IMAG looks while VJing and found it a lot easier to use the native Resolume Colour pickers and sliders to control my notch parameters as I could map them to the same MIDI controller I was using for Arena anyway. Plus it just kept things nice and tidy without needing to mess with the WebGUI on a second monitor.

Feel free to use this in any projects.

Have an awesome week



Link to .cwired, .dfx, and .dfxbin files here:

This is dope, thanks for sharing!

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Really nice work. Thanks for the share!