Looks like Resolume might have bought Wire... so... Notch Block Support maybe?

What are the chances of getting Notch Block support in Resolume Wire?

Think you want to post that question here: Resolume Forum - Index page :grinning:

We make the integration API available, then other software vendors have the opportunity to integrate it (at no cost).


Resolume is still a 2D (or you could say 2.5D) render chain, so I think it’s highly unlikely this would happen anytime soon.

While it might feel slightly counter-intuitive, Notch blocks can integrate in 2D or 3D pipelines without issue.

Ah yeah that makes sense now that I think more about it. Would be cool to see for sure. Thanks Luke.

Would love to see the power of the envelope and bpm automation from resolume controlling properties in a notch block.

I tried via OSC (custom built slider in resolume picked up in notch) but the envelopes in resolume didn’t carry through. Just straight 0-1.

Pretty sure the data inside the envelope is kept inside of Resolume, and what they send out over OSC is just the trigger to the envelope. Same with MIDI.

Not Evelope related but here is the .bin I built for bringing in Resolume BPM and translating it to the default speeds and cycles in Notch (Base 120bpm = speed 1) over OSC.


That’s a brilliant resource thank you for sharing

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