Effectors cause Clones to flicker

Hey guys,

we’re working with clones + effectors for a tv-production and see the clones flickering from time to time while beeing affected by effectors. This won’t be broadcastable. clonesEffectorsFlicker.dfx (10.5 KB)
Is there a way to fix this?
We tried adjusting framerates and all kinds of transform/-inheritance fiddling but it keeps occuring.
Help would be much appreciated!

Hey there,

That is an interesting one. As best I can tell, it only occurs with the ripple effector, so if you avoid that one you should be fine. I’ll let the dev team know though.



ok cool - thanks for the reply! Pitty that we need to find a replacement though.
Thanks anyway!

Can you add file to your post?
Edit: You already did. Sorry…