[Bug] Clone to Mesh in Spread Over UV Map Mode - color flickering REVISITED.

Hi, Notch Team.
I think I’ve pinned down what causes the problem discussed here: https://www.notch.one/support/forums/topic/bug-clone-to-mesh-in-uv-mode-vertex-color-random-color-flickering/.
The flickering reveals itself only with the 3d Grid toggled on for the view-port. The clones pick up the flickering blue and grey color from the blue axes and the grey lines of the grid.
Please, check again. Thanks.


Well that was an interesting one…! Thanks for tracking that down.
(The technical reason is - the objects connected to the Clone To Volume were rendered by using a filter. The grid was incorrectly marked in some situation so it got included in that filter.)

Clone To Volume? Hmm… I thought the original problem was with the Clone to Mesh Node in UV mode… But anyway, thanks for reverting to this issue. I hope the filter is now fully fixed :slight_smile:

It affected both.

I see. Thanks. My bad. I didn’t give the Clone To Volume enough love then :wink: