Mapping Texture Problem with Clone to Volume

Hi all ! I try to make a voxel effect with the c4d file ,. its working fine with clone to mesh(right one) and the texture also match the model but the result not as i want, so i choose to use Clone to volume (the middle one) . the shape its what i want to , when i link the material to shape 3d with mapping node ( UV scale Y -1 ) , its not correct on the model surface ~ i did a try diffferent option in mapping node , still no luck ,. hope anyone can help me out in this case ~ thank you so much !

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Iā€™d suggest you upload a project file, it will help a lot to figure it out. On the surface, Iā€™m not sure a mesh passes through its colour properties to a volume, so this effect might not be doable.

ā€“ Ryan

i upload the dfx file to google drive .

plz take a look ~~~ , thank you ryan