Fisheye not rendering clones spread on UV Map

Hi there!

I’m having an issue with rendering clones on an object in fisheye - I’m trying to use the clone to mesh node while the cube face resolution is 2048 in the fisheye node. When the clone to mesh mode is set to “Spread Over UV Map”, the clones aren’t rendering over the entire object, but instead are bunched together in a very small portion. Only when I bring down the cube face resolution to something like ~500, the clones render over the entire object, but at the cost of being very low res. When I change the mode to “Vertex”, everything renders fine, but for this project I need to use Spread over UV Map.

Any ideas here? Attached the .dfx !

FisheyeCloneMeshBug.dfx (852.9 KB)

Hello Nikki,

This does look a bit odd, I would suggest opening a ticket with so this would be inspected by devs and addressed.


Thanks Armin, I’ll do that!