Fisheye camera / output resolution issues

Hi all -
when rendering 4096x4096 px video or stills making fulldome content the final render looks upscaled 2x and not full resolution. In one scene I use wireframe materials which look particularly bad.
No matter what I do it stays like that. Render settings and output settings are identical.

Any advice are warmly welcome


bumping up the cube face resolution setting to 2048 on the fisheye camera seems to help some with the detail. However adjusting it to 4096 crashes notch

Hey there,

The cubemap is basically 6 cameras stitched together, rendering at 4096x4096, meaning a full resolution of ~24000x4096, which is probably bumping right up against the 16k limit. Also, because of the sheer number of pixels needed, if you have a complicated scene already I would be surprised if you didn’t have some problems.

Do you really need 4k cube maps, or are you just testing things out? What resolution do you intend to render to in the end? If you’d like, send your project into support and we can take a look at it.



Hi Ryan -
The project will be mastered at 4096x4096@30fps (fulldome master).
I will prepare the scene and send it your way.