[Bug] Clone to Mesh in UV mode + vertex color = random color flickering

Hi, Notch Team.
I think I’ve found another bug. While clones populated by the Clone to Mesh Node on an FBX model (imported from Blender 2.78) with vertex colors using UV mode assume the correct vertex color, there’s some random color flickering across the array of clones. Example file attached. To repro: try to rotate the camera around the clones. No big deal, but if a feature exists, it must work correctly, right? :wink:
Thank you.


Hey Andrei,

Not seeing this behaviour on my end. Seems to work fine. Which build are you on?


Hi, Jani.
I’m on build 0.9.18. I run Win10 + Nvidia 1060GTX, driver ver. 382.33. May be an nvidia driver issue. What are your specs?


Fixed in the new build here : https://www.notch.one/support/forums/topic/maintenance-release-0-9-18-014/

It’s working fine now. Thanks. :slight_smile: