[Bug] Mesh Particle Emitter won't steal vertex colors correctly.

Hi, Notch Team.
I’ve been checking how vertex colors work with the Mesh particle emitter. As I can see, both the ‘Vertices’ and ‘Edges’ spawn modes can’t steal vertex colors correctly. The polygon mode seems more or less OK, but can be improved. Please, see what you can do about it. I attach the test file and the screenshots. Thank you.


P.S. The mesh is exported from Blender 2.78c.

Vertex colours should have been working, but there was an issue with certain meshes - ones that had disjoint maps - that broke the mapping between vertex colours and positions. It seems to work now (screenshots attached - polygon and vertex mode).

The reason the vertex emitter doesn’t support textures is that UVs are attached to polygons, not vertices. The feature request has been logged though.


Great. Thanks for the fix, Matt. :slight_smile: