Crash when rendering with "Use RT refine" settings box checked, and RT refine node not enambled in scene, but RT is enabled

Hey Captains,

Have been having quite a few crashes rendering out when RT is enabled, and tracked it down to a checkbox on the render dialog.

I had been playing with the new pathtracer, and had left the checkbox turned on that Overrides the refine steps based on the refine node in the scene.

I tried to use the RT directional light for shadows but turned off path tracing and disabled the refine steps in the scene, and got crashes every time. The renderer just hung as soon as the rendering progress window popped up.

Unticked the box in the render dialog, hit render, and it works fine. Unsure if there is a way to check if there is an active Refine node in the scene and if not, lock out that override.

The crash seems to stem from the “use overrides” box checked, and no refine node active in the scene. BUT only when RT is enabled in the scene, If RT is disabled, AND the checkbox is still ticked, it will still render.

I can attach a DFX if you can’t replicate crash, and yes this might be totally on me as user error for leaving the box ticked when not required so apologies for the caffeine fuelled wall of text above.


Hey there,

Sorry to hear you’re having trouble with this.

We would be grateful if you could attach your project so we can attempt to repro locally.

Would it also be possible to send over the log file from Documents/Notch/Logs when it crashes please?


Hi Marchie,

I have managed to repro this crash on another scene.

I have now bugged this with the dev team, who will look into it.



Hi Marchie,

We’d still like the log files and project dfx file if possible.